$ 10,00,000

Total Amount of loans listed


Maximum Intrest rate of loans listed


Average annual return for investors

$ 99,00,000

Total invested Amount



Attractive Returns

Earn high returns with our loan portfolio amounting to 9% annually.

Low Risk Investment

Solfeh’s loan portfolio is pledged by our partners. Our loans are at a 1% default rate.

Buyback Guarantee

Each loan benefits an A-Rated guarantee by a reputable international insurance company.

Auto Invest

This feature automatically invests available funds based on your selected criteria.

Start with as little as 50USD

We want to bring passive income to everybody so you can start by investing as little as 10 USD.

Monthly Liquidity

Increase your liquidity by earning interest on your monthly repayments of your investments

Available Loans

Country Loan ID Issue date Loan type Loan Provider Loan Amount($) Interest Rate($) Available amount($) Term Action
GW11812 2019-04-01 Goverment Solfeh 1000 0.5 1000 25 Invest
GW10033 2017-01-01 Goverment Solfeh 300 0.83333333333333 1000 12 Invest
GW10034 2017-04-01 Goverment Solfeh 200 0.83333333333333 1000 12 Invest
GW10048 2017-02-01 Goverment Solfeh 1000 0.83333333333333 1000 12 Invest